Why do Australian people go against whaling so much?

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    Why do australians oppose whaling?

    The Beat Takeshi “World Summit” program (seen in this previous post) asks its Australian panel members to explain why they don’t like whaling (partially subtitled in English):

    A very heated discussion takes place, with the Australians arguing that whales are intelligent and close to humans. When they can’t seem to convince Japanese of the righteousness of their views, the whole thing becomes an emotional screaming match. Foreigners from France, Britain, and Brazil join the argument on the Japanese side. The foreign panelists are eventually asked to vote for or against whaling. Only 16 of the 50 panelists raise their hands to oppose Japanese whaling.

    The most hysterical person in the clip is Stuart-O, an Australian tarento whose web profile doesn’t include his nationality and advertises him as a native speaker of American English. He’s got a blog here, which is apparently open to reader comments.

    As was noted by Matt in the comment section of the last post, it wasn’t exactly a fair fight. Stuart-O and the other Australians probably came from a talent agency for wannabe celebrities and it is doubtful any of them were experts on the topic they discussing. In contrast, the Chinese team included university professors who were able to debate without looking like screaming idiots.

    Later in the program, the Japanese went back to their smaller base room to talk amongst themselves. Here’s one line that makes a good point about why anti-whaling arguments tend to fail in Japan:

    The arrogant attitude of superiority that many anti-whaling activists assume when arguing against Japanese whaling is not helpful.

    Note: A Japanese user has uploaded most of the show to YouTube. If you can speak and read Japanese, check it out on this channel.

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