Japanese comedy: primitive tribesmen with bones in their noses

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    tribesmen on Japanese TV

    An interesting discovery I made yesterday while sampling the many Ken Shimura comedy clips available on YouTube:

    Those of you who left comments expressing frustration with the use of black facepaint in the Michael Jackson moonwalking competition might have a bit more to say about this video.


    The joke appears to be based on the Dani people of New Guinea, who are known to wear “penis gourds” and nose bones. According to the video uploader, it comes from one of Shimura’s Baka-tono DVD’s.

    Update: Here is a picture of a Dani tribesman wearing a bone through his nose and a penis gourd.


    The bone is not the same shape, nor is the gourd. Still, it seems possible that somebody involved in making the comedy sketch was aware of the existence of such a tribe and made some minor changes to make things more silly.

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