TV announcer forced to resign over condom photo

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    The above photo of 25-year-old TV announced Miku Natsume holding a box of condoms was recently printed in a weekly tabloid. Apparently the scandalous photo has caused her to lose her job:

    The implication that she was having sex, and even enjoying it, has proved fatal for her career and it has now been announced she will be leaving the broadcaster in December (Japanese). When she was advised she could no longer stay on her main show, a TV insider says that she tearfully begged for a second chance. She was told, however, that her image had suffered irrevocably with housewives who are regarded as a key part of the audience. One of her other shows was discontinued and it became clear she was getting the shove. Natsume was a rising star on the network and a “Save Matsume Group” even formed within the company as the storm broke. They initially tried to claim that the photo came from an AIDS campaign which was in the planning stage but this explanation was believed by no-one. Her supporters quickly realized they were fighting a losing battle and Matsume herself probably realized the game was up when the group dissolved.

    Pretty damn ridiculous.

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