Noriko Sakai’s drugs came from “a foreigner”

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    The stupid media frenzy over the drug arrest of idol Noriko Sakai. Her husband, who allegedly introduced her to illegal drugs, has told the police that he “bought the drugs from a foreigner”:

    While I don’t doubt that much of the illegal drugs that enter Japan are brought over by foreigners, in this particular case blaming a nameless foreign drug dealer seems like an awfully convenient way to avoid implicating the most obvious source from which they could have obtained drugs: the yakuza.

    It has been reported that Noriko’s late father was a yakuza boss and their family participation in organized crime has continued through her younger brother, a gangster currently serving in the Yamaguchi-gumi. Earlier this year, her brother was arrested for possession of stimulants. The Yamaguchi-gumi is known to be involved in the drug trade, and given Sakai’s connection to the gang, it’s not hard to believe that her husband would have purchased drugs from them. If that were the case, blaming a nameless foreign drug dealer would be safer than ratting Japanese mobsters.

    Related side note: What’s the big deal about the 42 straws police found during a search of her house? She allegedly owned the straws for the purpose of inhaling meth fumes, but what’s so shocking about the number of straws? The number is being repeated over and over as if it somehow indicates the level of her drug addiction. Most straws I see in stores come in packs of 50 or more, so I don’t quite understand what’s so damning about Noriko’s ownership of so many straws.

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