Is Miss Universe Japan’s national costume a national disgrace?

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    miss universe porn star

    It would seem that a lot of internet users are upset about the “Japanese” national costume that Miss Universe Japan 2009 Emiri Miyasaka will be wearing in the big competition.

    A ZakZak article introduces the controversy to Japanese readers, revealing that many comments have criticized the design and American blogs are calling it something a porn star would wear. Photos of costumes worn by the two previous Miss Universe Japan representatives are included in the article, but neither is quite as ridiculous as the one Emiri will wear.

    miss universe Japan emiri

    Itai News has posted a record of comments left by Japanese net users, most of whom agree with the negative views expressed about the costume. In some she was described as:

    • a national disgrace
    • making fun of Japanese traditional clothing and culture
    • a stupidly designed stupid costume for a stupid person to wear
    • vulgar / perverted
    • like a kyabakura hostess
    • something akin to the emperor’s new clothes – is she surrounded by nothing but yes men?

    There are also a few comments from users who don’t see much of a problem with the costume. However, the majority of comments seemed to be negative.


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