Incredible Japanese Wiener Art

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    Wiener Elephants

    A Japanese news program recently featured some pretty damn neat works of wiener art:

    The wiener artwork is created by Mrs. Soejima, a grocery store worker who promotes the sale of wieners. In the report she shows viewers how to make an elephant (1:00 into the clip) and a sunflower (2:30 into the clip).

    Her wiener animals are perfect for moms looking to make cute bento lunches for their kids, so Soejima’s area of the store is very popular.

    Here are some screen captures of some of the coolest wiener animals (pigs, koalas, otters, sunflowers, a snail, and a little mouse driving a car):

    Wiener Pigs

    wiener koalas

    wiener otters

    wiener flowers

    wiener snails

    wiener car

    In the video clip, you can also see some rabbits, beetles, and a few other wiener creatures.

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