Ichiro meets Obama

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    One of the top stories on the news yesterday was Ichiro Suzuki’s meeting with President Barack Obama in the locker room at the All-Star Game:

    When the president came up to Ichiro Suzuki, or just Ichiro as the Japanese like to call him, Ichiro told reporters that he had planned to casually say “What’s up?” However, once face-to-face with the Barrack, Ichiro lost his nerve and was unable to say much more than something like, “It’s an honor to meet you, sir,” he admitted.

    Despite his nervousness, and disappointment from missing his chance to gingerly greet the President, Ichiro was able to get his signature on a baseball.

    He’s not used to such formalities, and says it was the first time that he called somebody “sir.” The players had been told they couldn’t get autographs from the President, but Ichiro got one because Obama offered him one.

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