Happiness Realization Party’s fear mongering promotional video

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    The Happiness Realization Party, the political wing of the Happy Science religious movement, has produced this scary promotional video and uploaded it to YouTube:

    A summary:

    • Salarymen sit in an office watching news bulletins about North Korea launching missiles.
    • Large explosions are being reported in Osaka and Nagoya.
    • Missiles are headed for the Kanto region. Patriot missile batteries have failed to shoot them down.
    • Panic grips the office, but it is too late. The flash of a nuclear explosion covers the screen and Tokyo is reduced to a radioactive wasteland.
    • Viewers are then urged to consider the facts. North Korea has a lot of missiles with the range to hit Japan, and its only a matter of time before they can mount nukes on them. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Kim Jong-il isn’t preparing to launch them at Japan!
    • And don’t forget China! They’ve got a huge military and they are supporting North Korea, and they’ve got missiles too!
    • By 2020, China could possess more military power than the United States. (As the shot zooms in on the deck of an aircraft carrier, we discover that it is Chinese!) If this happens, it is possible that China could advance on Taiwan and Okinawa.
    • After the seizure of Taiwan, it is likely the Chinese fleets could block the vital sea lanes that supply Japan with its food and fuel. The current Japanese government has no concrete plan in place to deal with such a situation.
    • If nothing is done to stop this, Japan will become a colony of China/North Korea!
    • What can you do to prevent the utter and complete destruction of the Japanese nation? Vote for the Happiness Realization Party. They want to drop the pacifist clause from the Japanese constitution, build up Japan’s defenses, and strengthen Japan’s alliance with the United States.

    Some screen shots of the most sensational parts of the video, for those who don’t have 6 minutes to watch it:

    the end of japan


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