Police rounding up foreigners in Tokyo and making them take drug tests?

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    Arudou Debito has received reports from that police in Tokyo have been rounding up foreigners as they leave bars in Roppongi/Shibuya and making them take urine tests. A few posters on the Gaijin Pot forums have also mentioned the practice.

    Debito apparently called the Azabu Police Department today and confirmed that the drug tests were taking place. Here is part of the transcript he has posted:

    DEBITO: Do you have warrants to ask for urine samples?
    OFFICER TESHIMA: I don’t have to answer that. Depends on the situation.
    DEBITO: But you can’t ask for urine samples without a warrant, right?
    OFFICER TESHIMA: We don’t always need a warrant. Depends on the situation.
    DEBITO: What situations do you not need a warrant?
    OFFICER TESHIMA: I don’t have to answer that.
    DEBITO: But if they give you their permission for a sample, you don’t need a warrant?
    OFFICER TESHIMA: If they cooperate, we don’t need a warrant.
    DEBITO: What if they don’t cooperate?
    OFFICER TESHIMA: I’m not going to answer that.

    The police officer said that tests were taking place, but he denied that only foreigners were being targeted.

    Even if they aren’t just targeting foreigners, it is pretty troubling to think that police are attempting to take urine samples from people on the street. Hopefully someone in the media will contact the police and try to get more information.

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