AP: H1N1 flu causing schools to shut down “across Japan”

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    The Associated Press filed this video report in which it told viewers that schools were shutting down “across Japan” because of the swine flu:

    I think they might need a geography lesson. As of this morning, the flu had only been confirmed in Hyogo and Osaka, and school closures were taking place in that region of Japan. Many international viewers probably don’t know about the geography of Japan, and assume that “across Japan” must mean that a wide area of the country has been hit by flu cases.

    As this map highlighting the flu-hit areas in red shows, that is hardly the case:

    across Japan?

    I don’t doubt that the flu will spread to other areas of the country in the coming days and weeks, but there’s no need to make alarming reports implying that a flu has spread across a country before the evidence is available to support such an idea.

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