No swine flu in Japan yet, but universities have already reacted with panic

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    buta flu

    With the Golden Week holiday beginning, several Japanese universities have sent out messages to students warning them about the dangers of swine flu.

    A friend attending Nihon University sends the following excerpt from a warning e-mail sent out to all students:


    Student travel is forbidden, and students are told to avoid going out – especially to crowded places. The e-mail states that if one single human infection is confirmed in Japan, the whole school will be shut down.

    And a reader at Waseda has forwarded us this official warning about the flu:



    If any confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission occur,
    Waseda University will cancel classes, close campus, and have
    students be on-call at home. Also any activities or
    extracurricular activities planned on-campus will all be

    Please make sure to take precautionary measures such as
    stockpiling essential items such as food and water.

    We’ve also heard from a reliable source that Nippon Dental University is anticipating a flu outbreak and has already cancelled classes on May 7th and 8th.

    I can understand schools wanting to avoid liability issues, but closing down an entire campus if one single person in Japan is sick with swine flu seems like overkill.

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