The internet is already making fun of the Kusanagi nudity scandal

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    As news of SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s arrest over public indecency dominates every news outlet, Japanese netizens are hard at work creating humorous parody images about the scandal. Here’s a fantastic photoshop an advertisement poster [via Zaeega]:

    Kusanagi Poster

    The original advertisement, a PSA in which Kusanagi informs everyone that analog TV broadcasting will soon come to an end, has been changed to an announcement about Kusanagi disappearing from television. It also lets us know that SMAP will now only have 4 members.

    Like just about any other advertisement starring Kusanagi, the Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting ads are being pulled from the air and posters are being taken down.

    Also appearing on the internet: T-shirts bearing the phrase “What’s wrong with being naked?!”, which Kusanagi is said to have shouted at police officers when they arrived on the scene of his nude noise making.

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