Housing in Japan – Renovation

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    Many houses built in Japan are only meant to last a single generation. It is quite common for people to tear down houses built only a few decades earlier to rebuild new houses on the spot or sell empty plots of land rather than try to find buyers for used homes. Often this is because the houses are not built well-enough to stand up to years of use, especially if owners don’t make great efforts to maintain them.

    Recent years seem to have seen an increase in the number of renovated/renewed old homes being re-sold, and companies have been quick to point out the “Eco” qualities of such a practice . Here is a commercial airing on Japanese TV in which Sekisui House promotes “Ever-Loop” renovated homes:

    The man in the commercial is telling the girl about how it is common to see lots of old buildings in Europe. This is because the owners take care of homes and keep them in a condition that can be passed on to new owners. The girl agrees, noting that it is just like the way fine musical instruments and works of art are treasured so that future owners and enjoy them.

    After a narrator explains the amazing concept of re-using homes after renovating them , the girl says that we (the Japanese) should also start doing this kind of thing with old homes.

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