Peter Bjorn and John Feature Yoyogi Dancers

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    This video, and official release from Peter Bjorn and John, shows a day in the life of a very interesting guy with very big hair, and his dancing comrades. Whether seen as macho to a humorous fault or just so cool we can’t keep up, the dancers in Yoyogi Park have been at this for years. I’ve seen surprisingly little information on this subculture; everyone has videos and photos, but what makes these guys tick? Do they ever get young people to join? What is their official nomenclature? Will they die out? Do they care? Probers, share your knowledge in the comments.

    For more videos of the park’s odd inhabitants, you can check out some recent content at Nihongo Notes.
    [hat tip to Watashi to Tokyo]

    Contributor Bio: Claytonian studies the nihongoes in Saitama and blogs about Japan, its news, and language at The Hopeless Romantic.

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