Valentine’s Day 2009 roundup

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    A roundup of Valentine’s Day related stories:


    My local supermarket has its shelves well-stocked with Ultraman battle chocolates. Why didn’t such cool Valentine’s candies exist when I was a kid?

    Taro Aso got his chocolates yesterday and made a comment about a so-called Catholic belief:

    “Today is Friday the 13th. It’s a big problem for Catholics. Today is supposed to be a day when something bad happens,” Aso, who is a Catholic, said upon receiving the chocolates Friday evening at his office.

    Namco’s Namja Land in Ikebukuro sold delicious-looking chocolate sets of beetles. They include 4 choco beetles: one Hercules beetle, one stag beetle, one male rhinocerous beetle, and one female rhinocerous beetle).

    A sad lonely man held up a sign on Omotesando Avenue begging women to give him chocolate.

    A baby bull with a heart-shaped mark on its forehead has attracted international media attention.

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