Japanese government may grant Noriko Calderon special permission for residence

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    The Japanese government was supposed to issue its decision today about the case of Noriko Calderon, a 13-year-old girl born and raised in Japan who is facing deportation because her parents are illegal immigrants. However, the Justice Ministry still needs time, so a 2-week extension of temporary residence has yet again been granted to the Calderon family.

    No final decision has been reached, but the government announced that it is likely only Noriko will be allowed to stay in Japan:

    A provisional release status for the family, which is under a deportation order, expired Friday, but the status has been extended for another two weeks, according to their lawyer.

    The immigration authorities have suggested it may be possible to issue special permission for residence to Noriko only.

    The ministry’s decision raises the possibility that only Noriko’s parents will be deported later this month.


    : The BBC reports that her parents have been told to pack their bags.

    But Justice Minister Eisuke Mori, who oversees immigration, told reporters: “I have decided not to grant a special residential permit to the entire family.”

    A leading human rights lawyer handling the case said the immigration bureau had told the parents they had until 27 February to choose a departure date.

    The immigration authorities warned that Noriko’s 36-year-old father could be detained if he refused to leave.

    “We accept neither the deportation of the whole family nor sending back only the parents,” said lawyer Shogo Watanabe.

    He said he would continue negotiating for the parents to be allowed to stay at least until the daughter was older.

    Noriko’s father said: “She is 13 years old. She cannot survive or protect herself alone.”

    Mr Watanabe said about 500 families were in the same situation as the Calderons.

    Related Link: A video of Noriko’s appearance before the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan can be viewed on TV Jan.

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