Crustacean Deathmatches on Japanese TV

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    Do Crustaceans have feelings? I sure hope not, because TV Tokyo set up some pretty brutal duels between them on a recent program.

    The particularly segment was meant to show how the mantis shrimp is an unbelievable badass. A single mantis shrimp was paired up against other menacing sea creatures, resulting in ultra-violent cage matches.

    The first battle was between the mantis shrimp and a crab of the species forestia depressa:

    After pummeling the poor little crab into oblivion, the mantis shrimp feasted on one of it’s claws!

    The second battle was between the mantis shrimp and a tough-looking elbow crab:

    The eblow crab delivered some strong punches, but in the end it was knocked out by the mantis shrimp.

    The mantis shrimp then moved on to duel a huge Japanese blunthorn lobster:

    There was no clear winner in this bout, but the judges gave the victory to the mantis shrimp.

    Having defeated an assortment of crustaceans, the mantis shrimp advanced to face its final opponent- a sunadako octopus:

    Strong as the mantis shrimp was, its punches were no match for the octopus’ tentacles!

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