Neighbors lose legal battle against unsightly house

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    The Tokyo District Court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by residents of an upscale neighborhood who were horrified by manga artist Kazuo Umezu’s red-and-white striped house:


    “The coloring does catch the eye of those living around it, but it can’t be said it destroys the harmony of the landscape,” the judge said.

    Umezu, who listened to the ruling wearing a red-and-white horizontal striped tie, indicated he was happy with the decision.

    “I received a favorable result, and I feel that spring has come a little early. I think time will solve things (with the local residents),” he said.

    A March 2008 Japan Probe poll found that nearly 70% of readers found Umezu’s house to be “not ugly,” so only about 30% of you should be disappointed by the court’s ruling.

    [via AltJapan]


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