An Unexpected Crossover

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    Regrettably, I’ve never played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (aka 逆転裁判, gyakutensaiban in Japan) or any of its iterations, but I am oddly excited about this:

    Gyakuten Saiban

    The title translates as “Turnabout Trial: Truth Brought Out.” Apparently this is a musical based on the video game series, performed by the Takurazuka Revue (宝塚歌劇団, Takarazuka kagekidan), an all-female musical theatre group based in western Japan. The group is pretty famous in the Kansai area where I live, but I’m not sure if it’s popular in the rest of Japan and I’m pretty sure it’s almost unheard of overseas. Of course both male and female parts are played by women, and the whole look and feel of the shows dangle dangerously if not outright plummet into the depths of “camp.”

    The interesting thing is that the Takarazuka Revue’s target audience is mostly women, which I find to be largely split between those in college and those aged 60+. While I know that the Nintendo DS has broken into markets previously impenetrable by video games, I am wondering how much appeal/name recognition this title has with Takarazuka’s audience. But then again, the Japanese Capcom site seems also to be aggressively pushing the production, so maybe they’re trying to pull in more males into musical theater?

    I’ve always been mystified by the Takarazuka Revue concept, but have never been interested enough to see it for myself. Perhaps the video game crossover angle will finally push me over the edge next month when it opens on February 5.


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