American painter Chaz Guest visits Obama City

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    American painter Chaz Guest is visiting Obama City in Fukui Prefecture:

    Guest’s portrait of Thurgood Marshall used to hang on the wall of Barack Obama’s Senate office and will soon be on display in the White House, so he was invited to Obama City as a friend of the president-elect.

    Guest has come to Japan to promote sales of a couple hundred limited edition Barack Obama portraits, so he wanted to visit Obama City and give them one of the paintings to thank them for their support of the president-elect. Obama City’s mayor was quite happy with the gift. He was given a tour of the city – trying some mackerel and playing a game at the “President” pachinko parlor. Guest also received an Obama necktie. Guest found the air in Obama City to be very clean, and he could imagine himself living there when he is 90-years-old.

    Side note: Yes, that guy who greeted him at the airport was Sonny Chiba. Apparently they are old friends.


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