A couple interesting uses for QR codes

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    A TV news report about two new ways QR codes are being used in Japan:

    1. QR code gravestones

    The bikers shown in the video are visiting the gravestone of their departed friend so they can scan its QR code and visit a website with a photo and information about him. They can also sign a virtual guestbook. The father of the deceased biker added the QR code to the grave so he could check who has recently visited and left comments. The creator of the QR code grave concept says the system is aimed at members of the younger generation who are familiar with QR codes and are comfortable with new forms of communication.

    2. Life saving QR code accessories

    Placing a QR code on a piece of jewelry you always carry around could save your life. The QR codes shown could give vital help to emergency responders by linking to information about blood type, allergies, and medical conditions.

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