Samurai Underpants

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    Ameba News reports that a line of samurai-themed underwear produced by a company Sido has become a runaway hit. Each piece of underwear in the Sido collection is made to resemble the armor of famous Japanese samurai, and they are made using a specially developed fabric that is similar to medical cotton gauze.

    Here is a picture of the Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga underwear designs:


    “SIDO was designed for today’s samurais – ones who live life with pride and dignity. “

    All of the underwear types sold through Sido’s website are already sold out, but it might be possible to find the underwear at department stores in Tokyo for a retail price of about 12,000 yen a pair. Earlier models might not be available, but the Oda Nobunaga underwear is scheduled to hit stores in January. Shoppers in France and the United States should keep an eye on local stores, since Sido has mentioned plans to sell its underwear in New York and Paris.
    [via Zaeega]


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