Will Smith explains why the new ‘Karate Kid’ will be filmed in China

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    rolling in his grave

    Actor Will Smith, whose son will be starring in the new Hollywood remake of Karate Kid, has revealed that the film is still searching for the perfect actor to play the role of Mr. Miyagi. It does seem, however, that they’ll be looking for a Chinese actor:

    Aside from addressing the Miyagi’s casting, Smith also revealed one interesting twist on the plot. “We’re making it with the China Film Group, so it’ll be based in Beijing,” he said of where the modern version of “Karate Kid” will take place. “Mr. Miyagi was originally Japanese, so there’ll be a Chinese adaptation to it.”

    On the possibility that many will question how could Karate which is a Japanese martial art be brought to China, Smith reasoned that although karate was developed in Japan, it is based on Chinese fighting style, Kenpo. “Fortunately, karate is originally a Chinese art form,” he said, “so that’s the area we’re playing around in.”



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