Outrageously rude foreign tourists at Tsukiji fish market

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    The scenes of rude behavior of some of the foreign tourists in earlier Japanese news reports about the Tsukiji fish market instituting a ban on sightseeing at its tuna auctions were pretty bad, but that was nothing compared to this stuff shown in this NTV report:

    A group of guys who are shown touching and licking fish say they are from London, and they seem to be drunk. The reporter narrating the clip claims that there have been “many” cases of foreign tourists who visit the fish market after drinking alcohol (a pretty sad thing, seeing as most tourists visit the market in the morning).

    An interview with a staff member is interrupted when the man spots two foreigners riding on the back of the vehicles used to transport goods around the market. His first angry attempt does not stop the two foreigners, who are seen moments later hitching a ride on another vehicle. They are eventually removed from the area by force. The foreign guy tries to irritate the staff member by saying stuff in Japanese [“That was fun”/ “What is your name?”/”Do you speak English?”/”Japanese is difficult”/etc.] as he is being walked out of the area. When asked in English about his behavior, the foreigner claims he got permission from the drivers to ride on the vehicles, something unlikely given the poor Japanese he was speaking. The foreign guy, who leaves without answering a question about his nationality, shows no recognition of the fact that he may have been breaking rules, and makes no apology for his actions.

    Given the absolutely ridiculous level of rudeness shown in the news clip, it almost seems like some of these guys showed up with the aim of breaking rules and acting like jerks. Could it be possible that they heard the news about the ban and decided to drop by Tsukiji to intentionally cause grief for the fishermen?


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