Eco technology on display in Tokyo

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    A video of FTV looking at some of the products on display at an eco technology expo going on this weekend at the Tokyo Big Sight:

    • The first product shown is a water heating boiler fueled by old newspapers. I’m guessing that burning blocks of dried newspapers must be more “eco” than using other fuel sources, but few details are given.
    • The second product is a rather symbol plant watering system that uses recycled plastic bottles. One bottle filled with water and placed in the middle of the device provides about a week’s worth of water for flowers being grown in the attached plastic containers.
    • Third is a special thin solar panel that only needs reflected/indirect light to power small devices. Two examples products using the technology are shown: a music box you can hang by a window and a clothes pin that lights up.
    • The last product is an eco toilet. Instead of using the eight liters of water a normal toilet requires to flush, this toilet is hand crank operated. Absolutely no water is used, and apparently harmless bacteria inside the toilet break down poop and create non-stinky compost one can use to fertilize garden and house plants.


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