Bicycle parking chaos in Osaka

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    A video report about how the community around Teradacho station in Osaka is dealing with the problem of hundreds of parked bicycles clogging the streets:

    The station had an officially designated bicycle parking area that can only fit about 300 bicycles, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people who would arrive after the lot was full. Bikes were pretty much parked anywhere along the sidewalks and streets, making a huge mess.

    I don’t entirely understand why, but the report says that because there was a shortage of available parking locations, areas around the station were not designated as illegal bicycle parking zones. As a result, bicycles parked in in positions blocking parts of the sidewalk and road were not ticketed or forcibly removed.

    The focus of the report is on Mr. Nakamura, the owner of a boxing gym near the station. Nakamura acts a volunteer bicycle parking manners enforcer, standing around for hours forcing people to re-park their bicycles in places he decides. All his efforts are ultimately meaningless, as the sheer volume of bicycles means there will always be parking chaos.

    Real results were only achieved in the last couple years, as Osaka City and JR cooperated in erecting barriers and having extra staff and volunteers monitor the parking areas. The situation has now changed completely, and bicycles no longer clog the roads and sidewalks.


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