Drinking parties on Japanese streetcars

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    Toyohashi in Aichi Prefecture has started its annual winter Odensha drinking party service on its streetcar line. Here’s a video of one group’s party:

    One special streetcar leaves Toyohashi Station at 6:25, slowly navigating its way through 9.4 kilometers of track while its passengers party. Each party car holds 15 to 26 people, and as the name Odensha suggests, passengers eat warm oden while they drink beer.

    According to the Yomiuri, parties running until December 27th have already been fully booked, but those interested in reserving a slot during its January 8th-30th run can book via phone starting December 8th at 0532-53-2135. Individual slots cost 3,000 yen (includes meal and a couple beers) and full train car reservations cost 75,000 yen.

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