The biggest Japan-born sumo wrestler in history

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    Meet Yamamotoyama, a Japanese sumo wrestler weighing in at 252 kilograms who is about to join the top division of the sport:

    At least 100 kilograms heavier than the average juryo weight of 149 kilograms, and the tallest in the division at 191 centimeters, Yamamotoyama gained experience in amateur sumo’s top ranks at high school and Nihon University before joining the Onoe stable, where he picked up experience fighting a range of wrestlers from fellow man-mountain Baruto to the more wiry Satoyama.

    Apparently this makes him even bigger than Musashimaru:

    Ex-Yokozuna Musashimaru, who enjoyed a career free of injury despite his similarly imposing 237-kilogram bulk, proved that size is not necessarily an impediment to a stellar sumo career.

    “But it’s very tough for big men unless they train their lower bodies,” the former grand champion warns.

    The heaviest recorded sumo wrestler was Hawaiian born Ozeki Konishiki, who once weighed 284 kilograms in his prime. The previous record for a grappler born in Japan was the 240 kilograms by juryo wrestler Susanoumi.


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