Diarrhea forces Arroyo to make emergency landing in Japan

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    The plane carrying Philippines President Gloria Arroyo to Peru for an APEC summit was forced to make an emergency landing in Osaka the other day because of fears that her husband had suffered a heart attack:

    “It was a common diarrhea that some of us get as a reaction to what we eat,” said Dr. Juliet Gopez-Cervantes, one of the physicians of St. Lukes Medical Center (SLMC) in Quezon City, who flew to Japan Friday night to check on Mr. Arroyo’s condition.

    The First Gentleman’s doctors, Antonio Sibulo, Rommel Carino and Juliet Cervantes together with Chief of Staff Jurios Soliman rushed to Japan to check on his condition and to determine whether it was related to his former triple heart bypass operation and the aortic dissection he underwent in April 2007.

    “We are confident enough to say to you that he did not have a heart attack; it was an acute infection related to diarrhea,” she said.

    I suppose he can be glad that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Shinzo Abe’s diarrhea.


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