Passed out drunk on the streets of Tokyo

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    Earlier this week, Real Time News aired a special report about the people one finds passed out drunk on the streets near Shibuya Station at night. Below are two clips from the report.

    Clip 1: NTV’s cameras catch a man who is watching over a very drunk woman. At first glance it appears that he is a friend of the woman, but they notice he is acting suspiciously and touching the woman’s breasts as he tries to prop her up. He also seems to be forcing some kisses upon her. After an initial attempt by an NTV reporter to check on the woman is brushed off by the man, they finally take decisive action and prevent him from carrying her off to a hotel. When interviewed, the drunk woman admits that the man had approached her offering help, and she was too drunk to fully understand what was going on. She thanks the reporter for saving her and takes a taxi home.

    Clip 2: This drunk guy was not quite as lucky as the woman. The reporter takes no action when a somebody quickly checks the pockets off the passed out man. They only rush to action after a second passerby spends a full five minutes silently checking all the man’s pockets. Confronted, the second passerby claims he was trying to help wake up the drunk man. Since they can’t prove he stole anything, they let him go.

    The reporter then wakes up the drunk man, who is surprised to find that he no longer has his bag or his wallet. Later that day, the man’s bag was located, but his wallet and other possessions were missing. The total value of what was stolen was about 300,000 yen.

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