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    Das Kapital

    Leo Lewis of the Times has declared that Japanese bookstores believe next month’s release of a manga version of Das Kapital will be the “publishing phenomenon of the year:”

    The comic, which goes on sale early next month, plays into a growing fascination among Japan’s hard-working labour force with socialist literature and joins a collection of increasingly fierce literary critiques of the global capitalist system.

    In recent decades, while Japan Inc was still delivering collective prosperity to the nation, public criticism of companies has been muted. Unions were weak and acquiescent. But now, as the country sinks into its second recession in seven year, the sackings begin and the gap widens between rich and poor, a growing number of Japanese believe the problem lies with capitalism itself.

    The ambitious comic rendering of Das Kapital is designed to parcel the complex economic theories of Marx’s hefty original in a format which Japanese adore digesting their information from; it will also be compressed into a size that can be slipped discretely into a Chanel evening bag, or slid into the top drawer of a desk when the bosses are looking.

    Lewis, who was given a sneak preview copy of the manga, does not share its exact title or publisher with readers. [A quick search of Google/Yahoo News Japan found no articles about the new manga, although there was some coverage of a Das Kapital boom going on in Europe right now.]

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