Rube Goldberg machines tests dog obedience

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    The end of TV Tokyo’s TV Champions program was a big disappointment. Its replacement, Champions, takes some of the skilled masters from the previous program and puts them to work on more practical projects, watering down the whole venture with the inclusion a typical variety show panel of celebrities. The new show does, however, have its moments.

    Here is a clip from last week’s episode, in which dog training experts turned problematic pets into obedient companions. As a test of the effectiveness of the obedience training course, a team of Rube Goldberg machine champions set up an elaborate course full of temptations.

    Here’s a clip of a St. Bernard going through the course:

    The course shown has the following 5 challenges:

    1. Milk fountain
    2. Meat
    3. Limbo poles
    4. Doorbell
    5. Master gradually moving away

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