Man saves lives at Japanese suicide cliff

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    Earlier this year CNN(embedded above), the BBC, and the Associated Press reported about Yukio Shige, a retired police officer who founded a non-profit organization that helps prevent suicides. Shige spends most of his days at the Tojimbo Cliffs, a scenic spot where many people come to commit suicide. When he spots suspicious-looking loners, Shige goes and talks to them to see if they are okay. Using this method, he has saved many people:

    “Many people don’t have anybody to turn to when they are in dire trouble,” said Yukio Shige, a retired policeman who founded a nonprofit group combatting suicide. “Even those who are determined to commit suicide still hope that someone will come from behind and stop them from jumping off the cliff.”

    NTV’s Real Time News aired an extended segment about Shige earlier this week, chronicling a few cases in which he convinces people not to commit suicide:

    The report is very long, but I recommend that folks who understand Japanese watch it for an appreciation of just how much effort Mr. Shige has devoted to his cause. Shige spends a lot of time talking to each person, as well as calling up their families and employers to explain the situation and arrange meetings to discuss problems. He also sometimes finds housing and work opportunities for people looking to restart their lives.

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