Yamanote Halloween Train 2008?

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    Last year's party

    Last year's party

    With Halloween approaching, some of you are no doubt wondering about the Yamanote Halloween Train, an annual drinking party held on trains looping around downtown Tokyo. Last year’s explosion of 2-channel anger over the sight of drunk and rowdy foreigners in costume causing mayhem seems to have had an effect, since regular sources of information about the party no longer contain public postings about its time and date.

    One Japanese blog has speculated that it will follow last year’s pattern, taking place on the Saturday night of the weekend before Halloween. If that is the case, costumed foreigners and their Japanese friends will meet at platform 13 inside Shinjuku station between 8 and 9 PM on October 25th (this Saturday). That seems like a reasonable prediction, since all the salarymen taking trains home on a Friday night would make it difficult to hold the party on the 31st.

    Anyone out there got additional information?

    Updates: Judging from a sudden increase in attempted submissions of hateful comments in Japanese and broken English, I can only assume that some Japanese blogs and possibly 2-channel have discovered this post. Not being able to read English or follow the links in this post, they seem to be assuming that Japan Probe is a participant/organizer of the Halloween party. Time to paste in the disclaimers from last year:


    And if you have information on when the party will happen and want to notify police about it, contact:

    警視庁 03-3581-4321(代)

    新宿警察署 03-3346-0110

    渋谷警察署 03-3498-0110(代表)

    新宿駅お客様相談室(鉄道警察) 03-3356-7505

    More Updates:

    Somebody claiming to be the official organizer of the party has posted information on it.

    This Saturday
    Oct. 25
    9pm train
    Shinjuku station
    Yamanote line
    Show up a few minutes early to make sure you get on the right train.
    If you get confused at the station, just look for the hundreds of people in costume and follow the herd.

    The Halloween ride on the Yamanote line is possibly the most enjoyable part of the Halloween experience in Japan, and anyone looking to have some fun THIS Saturday, Oct. 25, join us at Shinjuku station for a ride on the 9pm train.

    This is an event for both foreigners and Japanese people who are looking to have some Halloween fun. To add a little holiday spirit, most people wear some sort of a costume. This is a tradition that has been going on for years!

    After the train ride, we will be attending a party at a club in Ikebukuro. Yes, there will be various parties at many different clubs in the Tokyo area this Saturday. You are free to join any of them you prefer. The Yamanote line is a circle, and we will be riding it from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro (the long way). If you would like to get off at any stop along the way, it is your choice.

    We do not yet have the details for the party in Ikebukuro, this will likely be something that we hand out flyers for on the train.

    I hope this clears up any of the confusion. See you on Saturday!

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