Fearing Muslim backlash, Sony recalls video game

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    little big mess

    Japanese company Sony was going to release a video game called LittleBigPlanet this week. However, thousands of copies of the game will now be recalled and its release date will be pushed back because Sony is afraid a song will offend Muslims:

    A contributor to an online games forum reported the presence of the phrases from the Koran, adding that mixing music and words from Islam’s most holy text could be considered deeply offensive by Muslims.

    Eighteen months ago, Sony apologised to the Church of England after setting scenes in a violent video game inside Manchester Cathedral.

    On that occasion the game was not withdrawn.

    Including verses from a holy book in a song is offensive? A recent news article turned to an expert for some examples of similarly “offensive” things:

    “The use of Koranic verses in the context of a song is a big offence, on a par with Salman Rushdie’s book and the Danish cartoon,” said Abbas Mohajerani, an Iranian-born Islamic scholar based in the United Kingdom.

    It’s always a shame to see companies give in to complaints from irrational extremists.

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