More false predictions from Jucelino Nobrega da Luz

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    Last night, TV Tokyo aired a special warning viewers about disasters that are bound to hit Japan in the next few years. They included:

    • A cholera outbreak will come from the sea and kill 5,000 Japanese between now and 2011
    • Famine will hit Japan and thousands will die of starvation between now and 2011.
    • In 2011, water shortages will lead to global war, and Japan will participate in the conflict.

    The predictions were made by Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, a Brazilian con artist. Instead of giving viewers background information about how Jucelino is a fraud, TV Tokyo found experts and spun their explanations about there being “a possibility” that outbreaks of disease and famine could occur into supporting evidence for Jucelino’s claims.

    They may have avoided mention of Jucelino’s history of forging documents and filing ridiculous lawsuits, but they did have to confront him about the false earthquake prediction he made last month:

    Jucelino explains that he is happy that his dream about an earthquake in Japan did not come true, and thinks it is a good thing that Japanese people heard about his warning and became more prepared for earthquakes. Gravure idol Aki Hoshino admits she was one of the gullible individuals that believed the prediction and reacted with panic. Jucelino spins his false prediction as a “warning” to help viewers prepare for the worst. The program followed up this announcement from Jucelino with opinions from earthquake experts that believe that a huge earthquake will hit Japan very soon.

    It’s fine to tell viewers about actions they can take to prepare for earthquakes or outbreaks of disease, but was it really necessary for the TV program to lend credibility to a fake psychic?

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