American Youtuber Becomes Gravure Idol

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    Youtuber Applemilk1988 (Emily) first rose to relative internet fame when her video “Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson” was featured on the front page months ago. Despite being young, Emily has shown a lot of aptitude for Japanese. The next step is unclear, but I found out recently that Emily has actually become a gravure model in Japan. I’m currently trying to secure an interview so we can find out how this rare happening came about. Here’s the cover of her debut DVD, available on amazon:


    Emily defends her decision to make the DVD in this video.

    This is the second incident I can think of where Japanese companies took interest in a youtube celebrity (see our post on Magibon), but do you know of any more?
    You can read Emily’s Japanese blog here, or see her youtube channel here.

    One more thing: Please be civil in the comments of this post. She may be a public figure, but she doesn’t deserve to be slagged off on things like her looks. Criticism need not be nasty.

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