Aeon super mall opens in Koshigaya

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    Aeon opened a gigantic shopping mall in Saitama Prefecture today:

    As the above video demonstrates, it is so large that it takes nearly 25 minutes to walk across its ground floor. Because of its large size, guide staff have been given Segway human transport units to navigate their way through the mall. There is also a free shuttle service for customers.

    Here’s how JCN reported on the opening:

    Aeon Laketown, which boasts commercial floor space of around 220,000 square meters, is located near Koshigaya Laketown Station of East Japan Railway Co.’s Musashino Line.

    The shopping mall comprises two wings–Kaze, meaning “wind,” is home to clothing outlet Vivre and other Aeon group shops, and Mori, meaning “forest,” has the company’s Jusco supermarket as its anchor store–and houses over 500 specialty stores.

    Aeon invested some 85 billion yen in the mall, which includes 4,000 square meters of solar panels, the most at a commercial facility in Japan.


    An IKEA and a Costco will soon be opening at nearby Shin-Misato Station, which will no doubt make it one of the most crowded shopping areas in the Kanto region.

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