Pacifist group plans demonstration at Yasukuni

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    The Anti-War Joint Action Committee has announced that it will hold a demonstration at the Yasukuni Shrine on August 15 (the anniversary of Japan’s surrender):

    Organizers of the leftist group feel that they must counteract the activities of the uyoku dantai (right-wing groups) that are so prevalent in the shrine’s vicinity on that day.

    “On the anniversary, the uyoku begin working from early in the morning,” said the committee’s representative, Misumi Tadashi in an exclusive interview with The Tokyo Reporter. “Not only around Yasukuni, but all throughout Tokyo, they blast their messages from speakers mounted atop their trucks. This is the most appropriate day of the year for them to appeal their existence to the public. The police cannot control them, and we cannot let them continue with these harsh activities. We have to do something.”

    More details at Tokyo Reporter

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