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    Saturday night’s episode of Shimura Zoo had a special countdown of the top 10 funniest Pan-kun segments, as selected by an online poll of the show’s viewers. Here are the results:


    10. Catching a rhinoceros beetle (original air date: September 9, 2005)

    Pan-kun and James head to the woods to engage in beetle hunting, a popular summer activity for Japanese children.


    9. Pan-kun’s first time shopping with Ken Shimura (original air date: October 7, 2004)

    The host of Shimura Zoo takes Pan-kun to a supermarket to go shopping. Pan-kun goes crazy over fruit, but later calms down and manages to pay at the register.


    8. Pan-kun’s exciting health check (original air date: October 20, 2005)

    I’m not really sure if a Chimpanzee would need to go to a human hospital for a check-up, but it is fun to watch Pan-kun get a CAT scan.


    7. Chestnut gathering (original air date: November 17, 2005)

    In this video, Pan-kun discovers that he must be careful when dealing with spiny-shelled chestnuts.


    6. Hokkaido farm work (original air date: October 6, 2005)

    Pan-kun overcomes a fear of cows to get some milk.


    5. Miyazaki Prefecture PR (original air date: April 14, 2007)

    Pan-kun and Ken Shimura hang out with the celebrity governor of Miyazaki Prefecture and eat some local fruits.


    4. Soccer (original air date: June 22, 2006)

    Pan-kun dons a uniform and joins a children’s soccer team – can he score a goal?


    3. Dangerous Hiking (original air date: August 4, 2005)

    Pan-kun encounters a real snake while hiking in the mountains!


    2. Beach watermelon (original air date: March 30, 2006)

    Pan-kun and Ken Shimurai go to Ishigakijima and eat a watermelon.


    1. Crossing the river (original air date October 21, 2004)

    The number one clip occurred when Pan-kun was still very young and small. He and James went on a little trip together, and on their way home they encounter a major obstacle: a river.

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