Pendre shorts – fundoshi for women

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    Fundoshi are a form of old fashioned Japanese loincloth underwear that is rarely seen outside of festivals, and they are worn almost exclusively by men. However, it now seems that fundoshi are becoming very popular among women!

    FTV had a short report about it the other day:

    The makers of the women’s fundoshi have renamed their product pendre shorts(パンドルショーツ), using the French verb for “hang” to give the underwear an feminine image.

    The news report interviews actress Saya Takagi, a pendre shorts fan who has been credited with spreading the trend, says she first thought that it was a weird product, but came to love pendre shorts after trying some on. A representative of the underwear company selling pendre shorts claims that sales of the product line have jumped to something around 10 to 15 times last year’s sales figure.

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