Korean ultra-nationalist group pays for New York Times advertisement about Sea of Japan

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    Kyodo News reports that yesterday’s New York Times ran a full page advertisement from an ultra-nationalist Korean group claiming that the Sea of Japan should be renamed to the Korea-centric name “East Sea.” The advertisement also argued on behalf of South Korea’s territorial claim to the Liancourt Rocks:

    The ad, titled “Do you know?” says, “Dokdo and East Sea (Sea of Japan). For the last 2,000 years, the body of water between Korea and Japan has been called the ‘East Sea.’”

    “Dokdo (two islands) located in the East Sea is a part of (South) Korean territory. The Japanese government must acknowledge this fact,” said the ad put up by the advertiser who is identified only as http://www.ForTheNextGeneration.com.

    “Moreover, Korea and Japan must pass down accurate facts of history to the next generation and cooperate with each other,” it says.

    It also shows a map of a part of Northeast Asia depicting Japan, the Korean Peninsula, eastern China and far-east Russia.

    In July 2005, the same group put up a similar full-page ad in the New York Times titled “Dokdo is Korean territory.”

    “Dokdo belongs to Korea. The Japanese government must face this fact. Also Korea and Japan should now move toward cooperation,” it said.

    More details on the advertisement can be found on the group’s propaganda site.

    Update: It seems that the map being used in the NYT ad isn’t very clear about the actual location of the Liancourt Rocks, which could leave some with the impression that the rocks are closer to Korea than they actually are:

    [hat tip to LOD]

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