CNN reports about eMobile monkey commercial and Obama

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    American news network CNN has picked up the story of the eMobile commercial that angered non-Japanese bloggers by having eMobile’s official mascot run a campaign similar to Barack Obama’s:

    The report is heavily biased towards the view that the commercial was bad and needed to be pulled, but it does admit these two truths:

    • None of the Japanese people shown the commercial by CNN saw any link to Obama.
    • eMobile has received no complaints from Japanese customers.

    Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey. To the Japanese people that made the commercial and the Japanese viewers watching it, the commercial was just about eMobile’s cute Japanese monkey mascot running a campaign of change. The monkey is not “portraying” Barack Obama, he’s just using Obama’s campaigning style to draw people to eMobile’s products. The commercial has nothing do to with race.

    It’s sad that some groups and the international media are focusing so much attention on a commercial that has nothing to do with race when there are actual issues of discrimination and racism in Japan that they could be focusing on instead.

    [via BlackTokyo]

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