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    For years, Mainichi’s English language website has been translating bizarre stories from Japan’s least credible tabloid magazines and publishing them as news articles in a special column called WaiWai. The wacky stories of perversion and vice undoubtedly attracted a lot of traffic to Mainichi’s website, exposing the stories to readers who were unaware the articles were based on unreliable tabloids. Predictably, this caused stupid and false information about Japan to spread around the world.

    In recent months, Japanese bloggers and 2-channelers have become increasingly fed up with the international media’s biased coverage of their country as a wacky land full of twisted perverts, bizarre forms of prostitution, and sex dolls. They specifically targeted the WaiWai column, which had the name of a credible Japanese newspaper attached to it, as a major source of inaccurate and unfair portrayals of Japan as a perverted and screwed up country. Their efforts paid off two days ago when J-Cast picked up their story and ran it on Yahoo! Japan News.

    As of today, Mainichi’s WaiWai column has ceased to exist:

    MDN readers,

    Some readers pointed out that various articles published in the WaiWai column were inappropriate content for the Mainichi Daily News. We respond to this criticism by halting publication of this column. We plan to start a column with a new concept to replace WaiWai in the future.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Mainichi Daily News

    It looks like Mainichi won’t be printing the stories any more, but one can probably expect that Mainichi editor Ryan Connell will continue to write Tabloid Tokyo books, which put WaiWai-style articles in a clearer tabloid context.

    [hat tip to FG Forums]

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