517 hydrogen sulfide gas suicides in 5 months

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    Mainichi reports that this year has seen an incredible increase in suicides by hydrogen sulfide gas:

    The figure is a whopping increase from the 29 fatalities last year due to the same cause, the NPA said.

    By age, 232 of the 517 who gassed themselves to death by mixing detergent and generating hydrogen sulfide gas during the January-May period this year were in their 20s.

    By gender, 407 were men and 110 were women, the NPA said, based on a survey it hurriedly conducted recently.

    It is also being reported today that there was a 2.9% increase in the overall number of suicides in Japan last year. The recorded number was 33,093, making 2007 the second-highest annual tally on record.

    The Tokyo Shinbun has included the following graph in their article about the newly-released suicide statistics. The pink line represents women, the light blue line represents men, and the dark blue line represents the total:

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