Fuji TV focuses on Akihabara killer’s love of anime

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    FTV went all out during this evening’s news broadcast about Tomohiro Kato. Frightening music, dramatic panning/zooming, and a focus on how he liked anime:

    • Look! Tomohiro Kato is holding a pink mobile phone! Ridiculous music plays while showing footage of the carnage he caused.
    • One of Kato’s co-workers tells reporters that Kato was a pretty average guy, a serious worker, generally got along well with others at the factory. He liked cars and would sometimes go to car races with work friends.
    • All of that changed on Thursday, when Kato came to the factory and found his work clothes were missing. Kato left the factory in a rage, perhaps thinking that he had been fired. [more details at Mainichi]
    • Kato was very interested in military equipment, and had once asked the co-worker (a former member of the Self-Defense Forces) where he could buy SDF stuff.
    • Coworkers who had visited Kato’s apartment described it as pretty much empty. Kato’s only notable possessions were a bunch of doujin manga.
    • When Kato would go to karaoke with co-workers, he would only sing anime songs. He allegedly told them that he was only interested in anime and the 2D world.

    The obsession with military equipment and a rage over what happened at work seem like they could have something to do with his crime. But does reading comic books and singing anime songs turn people into killers?

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