Nakamura ate my dog

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    It is being reported that Shunsuke Nakamura will continue playing soccer the with Scottish Premier League champions Celtic, instead of returning to play in the J-League as some has expected. Nakamura has been doing well in over there, and the management and fans of the Celtic want him to stay. However, his impressive abilities have made fans of rival teams target him with racist signs and chants:

    Celtic fans have been getting agitated about a banner brandished by Rangers fans bearing the legend ‘Nakamura Ate My Dog’.

    Such faux outrage might have been more credible had the Japanese midfielder not been greeted on his early appearances at Celtic Park by the chorus: ‘He eats Chow Mein and he votes Sinn Fein’.

    Dog, of course, is a Korean staple – at least, it was in more impoverished times – and the consequence of poor agricultural soil, although a recent survey revealed that seven per cent of Japanese respondents admitted to eating dog food, albeit a top-end brand associated with the British Royal Family.

    More details on the dog food survey, which has nothing to do with the racist soccer fans, can be found at What Japan Thinks, which the Telegraph’s reporters probably found after searching Google to see if Japanese people eat dogs.

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