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    A TV special about yearly earnings for certain occupations in Japan aired on Sunday night, and a Japanese blogger recorded some of the figures mentioned. Here is a partial translation of the list (currency converted at 100 yen to the US dollar):

    New TV “talent” $9,000
    Stuntman $20,000
    Bicycle taxi driver $25,000
    Shinto priest (27-years-old) $35,200
    Ice cream salesperson $40,000
    Noh actor (25 year veteran) $45,000-50,000
    Truck driver $45,000
    Pharmacist $45,000
    Limousine Driver $50,000
    Portrait artist $50,000
    Nurse $50,000
    Carpenter specializing in temple construction $60,000
    Dentist (1 year after beginning a practice) $60,000
    Beautician/Hairdresser $65,000
    Hostess $70,000
    Creator of food samples $70,000
    Fisherman $70,000
    Calligrapher (7 year veteran) $90,000
    Food coordinator $100,000
    Takoyaki shop owner $100,000
    Handyman $120,000
    Farmer $120,000
    Handwriting analysis expert $200,000
    Gynecologist $240,000
    Politician $300,000
    Ramen store owner $300,000
    Sumo wrestler (Yokozuna Wakanohana) $324,000
    Famous beautician/hairdresser $450,000
    Manga creator $500,000
    Lawyer $500,000
    Prime Minister $514,000
    Dentist specializing in advanced techniques $700,000-$800,000

    I was only able to catch a few minutes of the program, but from what I saw it was obvious that the figures were not averages for each occupation, nor could many of them be considered representative of typical earnings. The TV show just sent a crew to interview one person from each occupation, using that single person’s earnings as an example of how much his/her occupation earns in a year. Some, such as the ramen store owner who actually owns 3 popular stores in downtown Tokyo, probably gave viewers a very skewed image of how much one can expect to earn in such a profession.

    Those looking for more accurate salary information might want to check out Claytonian’s latest blog post, which he translates some average salaries he came across in a new book.

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