Chinese Ultra-Nationalist Website Warns Japan: No Torch Protests

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    With thousands of Chinese taking to the streets in angry anti-French protests over “unfair” media coverage and the fact that some French people protested the Olympic torch relay, the Yomiuri Shinbun reports that Chinese ultra-nationalist websites are threatening to direct “patriotic” rage against Japan if protests get in the way of Chinese honor at the April 26th Nagano torch relay:

    “Reaction [in China to protests in Japan] would be huge in comparison to the reaction against protests in France,” in which Web sites called for a boycott of French products sold at Carrefour stores, an international issue expert said, pointing out that negative feelings toward Japan remain strong in China due to historical issues.

    A man in his 30s who runs a Web site that is popular with many Chinese “patriots,” told The Yomiuri Shimbun, “Chinese people won’t forgive [Japan] if the Japanese do the same things as the Americans and Europeans, such as making distorted reports about the Tibet issue.”

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