Type B Blood Is Selfish Blood

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    The Japanese fascination with blood types continues unabated. According to the latest issue of Shukan Bunshun, books describing the character of those with type B blood have been flying off the shelves. If the article is to be believed, people who have type B blood are selfish, self-centered, slightly strange, and do things at their own pace. There is a three week backlog on one book purchasing site for a book called, “B型自分の説明書” (“Instruction Manual for those with type B Blood”), 350,000 copies of which have been sold so far. The author, who is type B himself, says he had always fretted that having such a blood type made explaining himself to those around him difficult, so he made up his mind to write his own instruction manual. Another popular book is called “’だから、B型だって言うな!” (“Don’t even say, ‘That’s what comes from being type B’”) has already broken the 50,000 mark. And a book called, “自分も知らないB型の正体” (“The Type B Identity Even You Don’t Know”) that was just released at the end of last month has sold twice the number of copies of its companion volume dedicated to people with Type A blood, which was released last October.

    Shunkan Bunshun is puzzled as to why only books featuring the foibles of those with group B blood sell well when such people make up only 20% of the Japanese population. Type A blood, on the other hand, is the most common in Japan, comprising 40% of the population (Type O and AB stand at 30% and 10% respectively).

    This doesn’t seem such an enigma to me. People with type A blood are generally believed to be responsible, mild tempered, overcautious, sensitive, and unable to relax. They sound incredibly boring compared to the Type B people. Who would want to read about such sticks in the mud? And I don’t see any reason to assume that people don’t buy books across blood type lines; For example, someone who wanted to gain more insight into the personality traits of their significant other might plump down a few yen for a book that purports to explain these notoriously hard to understand type Bs.

    But the author of “自分も知らないB型の正体”, who is quoted in the article, believes that it all comes down to blood. He explains the phenomenon this way: “Compared to other people, those with type B blood are really into  themselves. So they’re really pleased to have themselves explained.”

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